cropped-blog-header.jpgWHERE CAN YOU BUY DADDY’S MUESLI?

Glad you asked!

As we continue to grow we will update this list:




Ballard Farmers Market, Seattle Washington Sundays 10-3pm year round


(available in the bulk food section)


Central Market, Poulsbo Washington

Ballard Market, Seattle Washington

Central Market, Shoreline Washington (N. Seattle)

Central Market, Mill Creek Washington

Town & Country Market, Bainbridge Island Washington


Edmonds Washington

Fremont, Seattle Washington

Greenlake, Seattle Washington

Issaquah Washington

Kirkland Washington

Redmond Washington

Seward Park, Seattle Washington

View Ridge, Seattle Washington

West Seattle Washington


Port Townsend Food Co-op, Port Townsend Washington

Bellingham Food Co-op(s)

 1220 N. Forest St.  &  315 Westerly Rd. Bellingham Washington

Central Co-op, Seattle WA

Olympia Food Co-ops, Olympia WA

Sundance Natural Foods, Eugene Oregon

Chimacum Corner Stand, Chimacum Washington

Northcoast Co-Op: 811 I Street, Arcata, CA 95521


9 thoughts on “WHERE TO BUY

  1. I live down in Portland and recently bought 2lbs of Daddy’s Muesli on my recent trip to Port Townsend and I love it!! I think it would do great in the stores down here in Portland, specifically Whole Foods, New Seasons Market and the Saturday Market if you had a booth. I will definitely share you guys to my friends and family!! Thank you for an amazingly yummy and healthy product!

  2. Hey Guys!,

    I noticed you hadn’t signed up to get your products sold on UrthMarket.com..?

    UrthMarket is projected to be the #1 healthy marketplace in the world, giving consumers 10 – 30% cash back on every purchase.

    Early bird vendors/brands are getting first-come first-serve top placement for their products + 70% off all of our standard marketing programs during pre-launch only. Basically the sooner you join, the higher in the results your products show up above your competitors. Permanently.

    I saw some competitors signing up, and I just wanted to make sure you guys had a chance as there are only a limited number of top placement spots available.

    You can certainly learn more at UrthMarket.com by using the access code AC9150, but I’d love to speak with the right person.

    Is there a right person/email I should speak to?
    I can be reached directly at 650-491-4824

    Thank you,
    Anthony Cruz

    • Hi Anthony: Thanks for your email and I apologize for the delay! I only just saw your message as I am not very savvy in seeing these messages from the website.

      I didn’t know about Urthmarket but am interested so will look into it ASAP.

      I am the person to talk with about it so at some point I may have some questions for you so will get in touch with you in the next few days or so.

      Also, a direct email to my address below is a great way to contact me.

      Sheryl Morgenstern
      Daddy’s Muesli

  3. I would like to pick up a large bag (pillow?) of your muesli at the Ballard Farmers Market tomorrow, 5/27/17. My name is Robert Gray. Thank you.

  4. Hi , I got some of your muesli made with soybean oil and ejoyed it so much . I wasn’t happy that you are now using canola oil . I would suggest you do some deep research of this product otherwise known as rapeseed oil .

    Thanks, John

    • Hi John: Thanks for your email! I realize that I didn’t update my ingredients list on the website page after the recipe was changed to including the soybean oil. The good news is that it is made with the soybean oil, not the canola. I agree with you on that one; I don’t want to eat the rapeseed oil! To confirm, I am audited by the WSDA (Washington branch of the USDA) every year and have to submit an ingredients label an the last several have listed soybean oil. Thanks for your continued support! Sincerely, Sheryl Morgenstern, owner, Daddy’s Muesli

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